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There are few more spectacularly beautiful places than British Columbia's Cariboo. Located in the transition zone between the central province desert and the northern mountains, the Cariboo receives hot summer days, cool nights and sunny winter days with plenty of powdery snow. The resort is equal distance from the cities of Williams Lake (renowned for the Williams Lake Stampede) and Quesnel (Goldpanning Capital of the World, Billy Barker Days and access to Barkerville, National Historic Site).
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Tyee Lake Saskatoon BerriesOur dock from the water

Tyee Lake Resort is the only resort on Tyee Lake, a locally renowned trophy lake both summer and winter. Rainbow trout average 1lbs to 18lbs (Gerrard strain), and a soaring number of Kokanee to 2lbs are prolific in the lake. Trolling is a common method as the lake reaches 140ft.
Fly fishing is excellent in the shoals, sandbars and during a hatch. One of our guests was thrilled to 'sight-fish' for rainbow trout with a fly-rod (both dry and wet patterns are popular) within view of the resort. Mayfly and caddisfly hatches occur all summer long and during the spring, dragonfly and damselflies cloud the shoreline. Plenty of small 4x4 or pack-in lakes are scattered within a 1/2 hrs drive of Tyee Lake Resort. Jackson Hole (10mins by Quad / 20mins by truck) and Elk Lake (20mins by Quad / .5hrs by truck) are both fly-fishing-only lakes with the average trout 3lbs and occassionally reaching 9lbs. The Horsefly River, famous for dry-fly fishing is 1.5hrs drive. Guided expeditions can be arranged from the resort either by vehicle or float plane.

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Ice-fishing is a favored winter passtime - especially at Tyee Lake. Fishers gather on the ice around 6" or 8" holes. With a shorty rod and plenty of a favorite attractant, time is spent storytelling (read: lying and tall tales) waiting for the bobber to drop. It doesn't take long to catch enough for dinner. Clear sunny days and breathtaking snowcovered landscape are enough for the occasional fisher who goes away 'skunked'.
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During spring spawn Duck and duckings on Elk Lake

Over a one-month period, June 2002, guests, staff and management spotted:
Loons, Bears, Arctic Hare, Moose, Mule Deer, Sandhill Cranes, Osprey, Timber Martin, Beaver, Squirrels, Wolf, several variety of Woodpeckers, Fox, Purple Martin Swallows, Coyote, Mud Swallows, huge variety of wood/lake waterfowl, Canada Geese, Hummingbirds (we have many feeders), Ground Squirrels, Great Horned Owls, and an uncountable number of wild birds singing melodies that sweeten the long summer days.
Although a phenomenal hunting area, we prefer hunting with a camera or sketch pad. Opportunities abound for both birdwatchers and wildlife enthusiasts.
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Scenes around the property Tyee Lake

Tyee Lake Resort is surrounded by ranch rangeland, crown forest and water (of course). There are hundreds of hectares of forest, meadows, marshes, ponds and lakes to explore. Logging roads criss-cross the region providing access to scenic vistas, abundant wildlife habitat and local fishin' holes. Hiking, biking driving (where accessible) along these little-used roads is a great way to experience the full magnificence of the Cariboo wild lands. A camera and binoculars are absolutely essential while on an outing. The peace and tranquility will astound you.
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Wild strawberries and flowers from our meadows

Ice-fishing is mentioned above, but the variety of wintertime fun is wonderful. Tyee Lake becomes a skating rink (we clear the ice for hockey and skating) and the hiking paths become cross-country ski trails. Our plans for Winter 2002/03 include track-set marked trails for cross-country skiing, snowmobiling and quadding. Tobagganing on our windy, banked and wickedly fast course will be an exciting passtime.
Also in the works is Dogsledding. Guided dogsled tours will hopefully be available most weekends.

UPDATE: The snow was flying here last week (first week in October)! Absolutely gorgeous! The view across the lake was almost obliterated by big snowflakes, but the sun was shining brightly - as grandpappy used to say "this here looks like earthquake weather". Strange, but not uncommon in this part of British Columbia.

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Winter fun

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